You might be wondering what the heck a ‘Yeloni’ is – and trust me; I found myself there too. Until I installed this FREE Plugin that helped create some of the pretty popups you see when leaving a page or blog post on – which is actually what I’m here to talk about to you today; Yeloni.




A Free WordPress Plugin made by some pretty nice folks offers the ability to create high quality exit-intent popups for visitors leaving your site.

With a handful of useful features and customization option this plugin is a definite one for any on-budget entrepreneur or site owner trying to grow their email list, social sharability, increase conversions and more. And this is our Review of Yeloni.


yeloni-free-exit-popup screenshot 1


What is a Yeloni?

Yeloni is a free WordPress plugin that is available with the aims of allowing you to create what are known as exit intent popups. These popups only show when a user is leaving your website (by navigating to the close button up top) – when this action is triggered – a lightbox will appear that will feature your Yeloni exit popup.

And they actually look pretty neat! They have a few different templates that you can choose from to help you easily start the customization process and make each popup your own.


yeloni-free-exit-popup screenshot 2


(And there’s more!)


yeloni-free-exit-popup screenshot 3


Why is it Useful?

Other than the fact they allow you a slew of different options in terms of what kind of popup you’d like to display; from social sharing, discount offerings, email list building and more – they actually allow you to customize a decent portion of what your popup will look like. (As always; we’d love to see even more customization options – maybe even a live, drag n drop editor of sorts) but the standard editor works magic if you know your way around a WordPress site.

We actually use it here on the website. Chances are; you’ll probably see it when you leave (breaking some kind of 4th or 5th wall, here…) and you’ll be able to see for yourself just how attractive they display.


How Does BrandBlast Use It?

Among many other popup plugins we test – this was a plugin that we actually kept using after we initially finished testing. With how nice the folks behind it were; we definitely enjoy our time using this platform. And with the rise of our content creation – email is the next thing to tackle. (An with Yeloni; we’re getting a headstart compared to most other services like this)

Because our Graphics Design Team can actually design what a plugin is going to look like and then… make it look like that!




There is no more guesswork involved with creating high converting popups that will help our customers and visitors stay on the page. (and it actually has helped, quite a lot) to not only build our email list but help decrease the amount of 1-time visits we have on blog posts.

In the past; we’d see a viewer read 1-2 full blog posts and then be on their way – now; they’re sticking around for 4-10 blog posts at a time! (That’s a GIANT INCREASE) to what we previously had.

Because we’re using Yeloni in a few different ways; sure, we’re building our email list with their neat optin options – but we’re also offering OTHER BLOG POSTS with the plugin. Which helps us transition a reader from one piece of content to the next without them feeling forced.


Check Out Our Video Review of Yeloni:



Would I Recommend Yeloni? Definitely. It’s very easy to set up – easy to use and definitely helps your website improve in terms of email list building and actually keeping visitors on your site (longer.) Would I Recommend Going Pro? As most plugins do these days; Yeloni does have a pro/addon edition that allows you to further customize where your popups show, when they show and how they show / exit. Even including mobile support for popups on tablets and phones! So; yes. I would HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on this plugin.

To not only help your website grow; but to help give your users a better experience with more seamless popups and sharing abilities.

Download Yeloni Free: (or click here)

Also; visit Yeloni: (or click here)