We all like interesting stuff, right?

We all like to finally find that one thing in that one box that you’ve been searching for all those weeks, months – years… So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that here at BrandBlast we absolutely love giving away interesting stuff. Like Our University for example.

Imagine this; if you were thinking about starting a business – wouldn’t it be nice to have ALL the resources you need in order to get that business up and running smoothly? Or imagine that you already had your own business – and the complete answer to getting that business to the top was right behind the doors of our University?

Stay with me now.

… because it is.

It really is! I’m not kidding – see, when we founded the University over 7 months ago we had one mission in mind. Providing a resource that all business owners and entrepreneurs, everywhere can utilize to help start, build or expand their business effectively.

So what is the University?

The BrandBlast University started as a simple solution to a big problem. The lack of resources for modern day business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. A consolidated resource that would include various tutorials, tactics and tools to help the modern day business owner operate more efficiently. And in mid 2015 – we launched that resource.

The BrandBlast University started with the objective of adding as much value as possible to those who attended – and was originally offer for free. (now you can try it for $1/mo.) – but very soon after we had to begin to charge a monthly premium for access because it was simply too valuable. And with many attempting to duplicate our work as their own. So we launched a $67/mo. access fee – and everyone seemed to love it!

Going on to add many new resources, design changes etc… we have grown into a very exponential resource for Business Owners / Starters & Entrepreneurs. And we have some pretty amazing things inside.


And in this series we’re going to take you through some of those changes:



  1. 40+ Execution Plans (EPs)Some of you know what our EPs are and some don’t – so for those who haven’t had the opportunity to take a look into the University; an EP (or Execution Plan) is essentially a lesson or lecture (consisting of Video Modules, Templates, Articles and more) about a specific topic.These topics range from Starting a Website to Mastering Facebook Marketing – essentially everything that a business owner or entrepreneur would need to know in order to have any sort of success (or fun) doing what they do. And we have 40+ of these high powered EPs. (and we’re always adding more!) – as of now; we produce an average of 2 new EPs per week. Giving us 43 at this current time.
  2. Subscription PlansWe currently have 3 different subscription packages. The first of which being our Monthly Subscription for $67/mo.– This package is perfect for starting business owners and entrepreneurs. The second of which is our (best value)Yearly Package starting at $1200/yr. – Which works best for already established business owners and entrepreneurs. There is a slight difference between these two mention packages.The yearly and monthly packages both include the same level of access; everything. The ability to access and utilize the entire University. Access to every EP, Template and Tool. BUT, what the yearly subscription includes that the monthly subscription doesn’t is 1 Hour of live chat via Skype with one of our experienced developers. An experienced and dedicated developer who has years of experience starting (and building) businesses.

    Which leads us to our last pricing plan. The Enterprise plan. Starting at just $299/mo. This package includes an expansion upon our Live Chat feature – in that it includes at least 1 of these live chats EVERY MONTH that you have renewed your monthly subscription. (And that we will create unique logins to allow you to have your entire team on the University at once!)

  3. Weekly Walk Through’s If you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel (which we think you should be) you’d already know exactly what I’m talking about. We have a weekly walk-through webinar series that we produce (every week) to give you a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ look at what’s inside the University. This is our way of giving you a ‘free pass’ into the gates and allowing you to really see what kind of value comes with the BrandBlast University. (Also giving a few bonuses to those who take part in this series by offering exclusive discounts on our subscription packages.)You can see our latest Weekly Walkthrough below: