Do you manage multiple social media profiles? A few Twitter profiles, Facebook Pages, Google Plus Pages, Pinterest Accounts, LinkedIn?

Have you ever considered the headache it is to consistently post to these networks? Do you often consider automating these channels so that you can focus more time elsewhere?

Many of the options you’ll find are insanely feature-lacking. Most of them being far over priced and still finding a way to under-deliver.

If you find yourself in this boat; Tiempy may be the perfect option for you.

What is Tiempy?

Tiempy is essentially a social media management tool that allows you to do some pretty amazing things. Like posting to your various social media channels automatically (because you can schedule posts to go live whenever you decide!)

Tiempy allows you to link together all of your social media accounts under one roof and manage them effectively. They have integrations for all the top social media channels


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Making it easier than ever to optimally manage multiple social media channels with ease. (Including Facebook Pages, Profiles, Twitter Accounts, Linked Profiles, Pages and Groups.) It’s a truly all-in-one platform.





Tiempy boasts many awesome features that you’re not going to find anywhere else. And they utilize them seamlessly. Which is great if you’re a serious social media manager who needs a tool that actually delivers.




Tiempy makes it easy to dig in and get started utilizing social media in a whole new way. Here’s how we’re using Tiempy right now for BrandBlast’s social media channels:

Best Time = Posting at the time your followers are actually going to see is important. That’s why we utilize Tiempy’s ‘Best Time’ feature to effectively choose times to post to our various social media channels.

RSS Feeds = Aggregating content is important. That’s why we utilize the ‘RSS Feeds’ feature to easily curate content from related sources that our visitors are going to enjoy. (Effectively allowing us to share more and more content)

Projects = Organizing all of your social media channels into ‘Folders’ makes all the difference when it comes to management. That’s why we utilize Tiempy’s ‘Projects’ to consolidate all of our social media channels into easy-t0-manage projects.

Recurring Posts = This has to be OUR FAVORITE feature offered by Tiempy’s cool platform. We use this feature on a daily basis. Allowing us to curate our content more effectively by sharing the information that our viewers consistently enjoy.

Tiempy also works great for Teams. Because they make it so easy to manage everything and bring it all together. This would be useful feature for a social media manager who’s in charge of various operations by team members. (And it’s super powerful)



Is It Worth Is?

Is Tiempy worth the price? Well; you can actually get started for free using their awesome platform. (Yes, I said free) It’s super simple to set up and after a few minutes of connecting all your social media accounts you’ll be good to go.

If you’re looking for a little more power use; they have many plans to accommodate your needs:




It’s definitely created a lasting impact for BrandBlast and we’re confident that Tiempy can help you maximize the way you manage your social media. As business owners ourselves we can say that it’s helped us not only manage our social media but also help our University students with their’s.

BrandBlast highly recommends Tiempy for your social media management. Especially if you’re looking for a way to optimize and leverage them with one simple platform.


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