Are you teaching online classes? Do you have your own courses for sale online? There are many platforms that host the capabilities needed to host a successful online course / courses – most are familiar with Udemy and Lynda (to name a few) but there are more options out there than these two well-known platforms. And in this review; we’re going to be talking about Teachable.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is an online platform that allows you to create and earn from courses. With a slew of options and integrations; Teachable aims to be a ‘Udemy-Killer’ in the way that they offer many of the features lightly covered on Udemy – Teachable includes them in full. (.. you may remember Teachable going by another name; UseFedora. It was changed fairly recently)

Teachable can be used for an array of things; the most valuable (and logical situation) being teaching your own online school with courses, quizzes and more. Or perhaps a membership site to a premium blog.

It is free; for awhile. 

Technically it is free forever but there are a few features not available in the Free Plan that I’m going to be discussing within this review (if you can use them, the premium option may be a better fit)

Teachable is available via an array of plans and packages:


Each with their own special features and capabilities; they truly do offer a plan that fits anyone’s needs. From large corporation launching a training platform – to the solo entrepreneur offering their knowledge on Writing a Kindle Book, this may be one of the better options out there in terms of launching (and earning from) your own online course(s).

And each plan helps you do that in its own way. The Free Plan for example; even though it is absolutely free (and nearly everything is branded except for you domain; which can’t be changed till you upgrade) you are able to create an unlimited amount of courses, enroll an unlimited amount of students, track your course sales, revenue and even freely email your students. (…all for free, I know?!)



While most other online course-creation platforms are usually more controlling as to what you do with your site and how you manage your school; Teachable is WAY DIFFERENT.

Offering a robust admin dashboard to manage your school:

As well as a great analytics system that will help you keep track of how many sales you’re producing, revenue that you’re generating and even a live feed of the students you’re enrolling.

All in one place; the dashboard.



[UPDATE] – You can now schedule ‘Drip’ Content. Meaning; students enrolled into specific courses will get your content at a pre-scheduled time. This is useful if you’re trying to ‘we-pace’ your content; instead of letting students go through at their own pace.

Read What Teachable Said About Drip Feeds: (Or Click Here)



Offering one of the best ‘Instructor’ platforms in terms of what you can do inside and how you can present your content. And it’s really simple to to create a new course.



Content is a HUGE deal when it comes to your potential students; so you have to create the best content possible; as well as present it that way too. Which is super easy to do thanks to their neat ‘Curriculum’ Editor.



And when you’re finally ready to launch your course; it’s super simple. Simply select the pricing plan (if any; say you’re launching a free course?) and you simply publish your new content. It’s that simple.




You can also customize the sales page that your new buyers see when checking out – allowing you to truly customize the entire experience for your visitors. (Which is uh, Shweet!)

(But can we talk about that checkout page though?) – it’s a LOT nicer than some of the ones you’ll find elsewhere. (where you often have to go through MULTIPLE PAGES before you even have the chance to collect payment data from a customer)



Whether you’re just starting your own online course platform or a seasoned seller – Teachable is probably one of the most robust, user-friendly and effective platforms we’ve ever used. (as we’ve used a lot…)

It works for beginners, intermediate and even expert sellers with the added option to white-label your entire site with your own Branding to make it truly your own.

Bottom line – if we had to recommend an Online Course Builder / Sales Platform; Teachable HAS TO BE in the top 3. May even take the top spot.

Overall; Teachable is a stable platform. (And they’re overall just cool folks) and if you’re just starting to create and sell your own courses I’d highly recommend that you give it a try.

In fact; there’s really no reason not to at least try it. It’s absolutely FREE. With a Capital F.R.E.E – even the most experienced of Udemy ‘Teachers’ can easily integrate into this platform. (Because Teachable offers Bulk Curriculum Uploads and Even Direct Upload from Udemy.)

If you’re trying to start your own online course selling business – Teachable is a great option. But it’s not the only option. There are TONS of these platforms available and it’s ultimately up to you to decide which one you like best. There are always different pros and cons to each and every one. You should test them for yourself and find which one you like the best.