Targeted Leads Generation is completely depending on creating the perfect Facebook Ad along with that you must have to know how to use Facebook Power Editor effectively. And it is complete if you don’t know the strategic ideas to generate targeted leads from Facebook. Because Facebook doesn’t provide the perfect landing page services like MailChimp and Get Responses are providing with different great features.

We have already discussed Lead Magnets is Its processes. As we know lead generation the process of attracting a customer. You need to motivate them to use your product, services and for generating the leads you also need to get their personal information. Getting potential customers to the business will help you to generate actual profit.

As you know nowadays Facebook has become one of the most glaring ways to advertise the product and service over the globe. In addition, Facebook also has millions of visitors from over the globe where Facebook advertisement will help you to promote your product directly with real users and visitors. Direct sharing will be the effective way to generate more leads as well as profit for the company.


Facebook comes under the most critical social media for internet marketing where it will lead you to the success of your business. Facebook as the one of the most leading social networking site they have feature for promoting products and information to get more sales and leads.

Does Facebook have Potential to Generate Targeted Leads?


Facebook has the potential to generate targeted leads. It has the larger number of visitors they can have direct access and interaction with your advertisement as well. So Facebook will help you to generate perfect and effective leads for your business. It will be effective because Facebook has higher number of active visitors and they are real as well

Why Facebook Ads for Generating Targeted Leads?

Each online business has to consider about generating leads because without having loyal and valid leads it’s impossible to get success in the online business where leads will help you to generate profit for your company. It’s not only about the profit leads will also help for making good relationship with customers and better for loyalty as well. Using Facebook Ads will be profitable for your business because it will directly interact with real visitors and Facebook will show your Ads effectively with Facebook users so they can interact.

Facebook will be the best choice because Facebook has three types of visitors with high value.

  1. Returning Visitors (80%)
  2. Loyal Visitors (87%)
  3. New Visitors (20%)

The measurement is done on the basis of real time use of Facebook. The Facebook will be best for advertisement and lead generation it has a huge number of Returning visitors and the returning visitors can become your valid returning customers. As Facebook has returning visitors they can be called as loyal visitors they will come again and again to visit Facebook and they can interact with Ads as well. So it’s will be beneficial to Advertise on Facebook.

Facebook is all about New Visitors as well, everyday peoples are creating Facebook to socialize them with the world. So for attracting new visitors as well it will be effective.

As you can see on the above image social media have the great impact for online businesses. So do always focus on social medias along with other medias like direct, referral as well as organic searches.  

In this image, you can see we are getting lots of traffic from Facebook. And this will directly help you to give a basic idea and it is also helping us to get targeted leads. So we can say Facebook will be the best platform for generating Targeted Leads.

Does it cost Effective?

Yes, it is cost effective and duration effective. Sometimes the cost depends on your location and region, but Facebook has quite effective price for advertisements. You can even use Facebook for certain days with your limited budget and that will give you the general idea, how much traffic you will gain through that particular budget?

Facebook much more cost effective for promoting as well as generating leads. It also has different ways to pay the money as well as it is cost effective with its features as well. To generate leads you can even boost your articles and pages.

Generate Targeted Leads with Facebook Ads

I will describe some best practices to generate leads from Facebook Ads. So you just need to follow them.

Interactive Image: Your image must be high quality along with interactive because Ad image can impress your readers to visit that particular Ad and which will increase click through rate as well.

Impressive Headlines: This can be strategic, means you need to use attractive and eye catchy headlines to drive more traffic to generate leads.

User Friendly Color: Sometimes colors also increase the click through rate. You need to focus on Universal colors which can be visible to all the peoples.

Now here you are sending Facebook traffic to your website and you need to setup landing page on your website to collect leads. You must be strategic without creating landing page it’s impossible to collect leads.

Start Contest: Starting contest can help you to collect more leads as well as it will also drive traffic. The most amazing thing is it will also increase click through rate as well.

Contest means hosting giveaways and advertising them on Facebook will help you to generate more sales, visitors and leads as well.

Downloadable Resources:  Host some valuable downloadable files and let peoples to download them by providing their email as well as their personal information. The best example will be hosting e-book related to your website niche. Most of the time these types of e-books and case study reports also work effectively to collect more leads from Facebook.

Collecting leads depends on your call to action approach and without having good call to action method it will be impossible to collect and generate huge leads from Facebook Ads. So always do care about call to action as well as all the mentioned points. 

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