SumoMe has quickly become one of the largest used platforms for helping your website grow. From analyzing traffic to helping you build high performing widgets to go onto your site; this is a Plugin that we knew we’d be reviewing after the success of our Yeloni Review.

To start off this review I want to make a few things clear. We currently USE SumoMe on BrandBlast and the BrandBlast University; so, we do have a sort of – biased opinion in terms of if we’d recommend it or not. ONLY BECAUSE WE USE IT  and know firsthand just how powerful SumoMe can be for a website in terms of Social Media Sharing, Email List Building and More.



What is SumoMe?

SumoMe is a free (…and premium) tool that was developed to help you grow your website by optimizing various elements of your website. With an array of tools (both free and paid) that can actually help you make your website just a little better. With the added benefit of multiple ‘services’ under one plugin – it makes for easy management using their inline dashboard. Learn More About SumoMe Here




Among the many features; the one that sticks out most to us (when tweaking things) you can have a live preview of what you’re adding to your site and the changes you’re making. Helping designers and site owners see (in realtime) the edits that they’re making to their site. This adds a whole new level of customization that most plugins of this sort don’t typically include… much less for free.

They also offer a ton of integrations and services within the plugin. And since you can find and add an array of different types of popups, smart bars and more throughout your site – it’s very simple to do with the help of all these added features.




Customization in SumoMe is great! There are so many different tweaks and effects you can add to make each and every integration and app unique to your site.

From custom colors to custom images and more – the customization capabilities within SumoMe are next to none. With the options available; you’re able to create an array of email list building popups, smart bars and more. There’s an option to customize nearly everything inside each app. Try SumoMe Here



SumoMe Store

Speaking of all the apps and integrations – let’s talk about how you actually go about integration them with your SumoMe plugin on your site(s).

SumoMe offers a unique approach to selecting what features you want (…and don’t want) by using what they call the Sumo Store. Which houses a selection of categories and apps within each of those categories. (And while these categories may be changed upon the time of you reading this review – they typically include the following)

  1. Communicate
    Which houses applications and integrations having to do with those of communicating and connecting with your customers. Such as Contact forms, Alerts, Fresh Contact Forms, Email Contact Forms and more.
  2. Email
    Which (as you guessed it) houses all the applications and integrations dealing with email. Such as List Building, Scroll Box Popups, Smart Bars and More.

  3. Analytics

    Housing most of the nitty-gritty applications that can help you keep track of analytics from your website as well as a cool feature (that we’ll cover later) called Heat Maps.
  4. Sharing
    This is where you’ll find all things social media and sharing. (and then some…)
  5. Traffic
  6. Ecommerce
  7. … Upgrading & Service Addons
    This is where you’ll find new packages and ways to upgrade your account to unlock new features and integrations.


*You’ll notice we didn’t include much about the categories of ‘Traffic’ and ‘Ecommerce’ – that’s because these are fairly new categories so there isn’t much to say about them (yet) but we will update this review when more information becomes available.

Try SumoMe Here


Pros & Cons of SumoMe

While there are many of the two; we think it’s only fair that we narrow down the top  Pros AND Cons of using SumoMe. Not only to help you distinguish if this is the right plugin for you; but also because there are an overwhelming amount of the two. Not to say that there is anything that we would be grounds to completely disregard SumoMe; we just know you probably don’t have hours to sift through the giant list we could compile of what’s great and what’s not.

So we’ll make this simple:


Pro 1: Integrations

There are tons of different apps and integrations inside SumoMe (that are easily accessed for free without needing a paid account) which helps the ‘starter site owner’ quickly get their site looking and performing better. Without having to learn different applications and platforms that they have never heard of.

Pro 2: Customization

While there are many customization options in similar applications – SumoMe offers a great deal of customization features inside the dashboard. Making it a great way to dig in to whatever you’re adding to your site. Be it a popup, bar and more.

Pro 3: Freemium

The very fact that there is a free SumoMe account does not surprise us. Almost every (good) plugin has at least a free version. But; what they include inside the free version of SumoMe is what astounds us. In fact; there are more features than we’ve even mentioned here! (we just don’t have the time to include the hundreds of other things to say about SumoMe!)

So there really is no reason to not give it a try. At most (if it don’t work out for your site) you wasted 15 minutes of your time and you learned something from it.

Pro 4: Intelligence

We’ve all seen popups and plugins that appear to be ‘smart’. Popups that will display at this specific time to these specific visitors… and for the most part they’re a joke… SumoMe is actually quite intelligent. In the way that it displays (or doesn’t display) popups on your site. It’s very useful and doesn’t ‘tweak-out’ after multiple users.

Pro 5: It Works

Since implementing SumoMe into both our BrandBlast University and BrandBlast homesite; we’ve dramatically increased our email optin rate and have (ultimately) grew our email list multiple times over. With that being said; we can say (firsthand) just how powerful SumoMe can be in terms of actually getting things done.


gears seperator


Con 1:  Features

While there are tons of features loaded into SumoMe (and the apps included) there are usually only 1 – 3 different ‘themes’ for each features. The email popup for example only utilizes 2 or 3 themes for the FREE Version. (and though this doesn’t effect the extensive collection in the premium version) it would be nice to see a few more options to at least try before deciding to purchase.


Con 2: Pricing

Sure; they’re giving you a ton of features for the one time fee of FREE – but; those features included inside the Premium Version boast the capabilities that could easily be ‘slimmed down’ into free versions as well.  And the pricing for the first month starts off at $25/mo. (or $20/mo. if you pay annually)

It’d be nice to see that go a little lower (… this especially attract new customers that are a little new to the scene of owning a website)


Con 3: Learning Curve

While it is very simple to get started using SumoMe; you have to keep in mind that this is coming from our in-house graphic designers who specialize in these things. For the average site owner – who say; just wants to start building a small email list, the learning curve from beginner to user of SumoMe is a slight one.

But; this can be resolved with time and patience. Getting used to the platform should be your number one priority when trying out SumoMe.


What Do We Think?

Personally; we think SumoMe is a great application and should definitely be at least tried if you’re a website owner. From building your email list to directing traffic to a specific page – SumoMe is a great tool to use for website owners. (and it’s super simple if you use WordPress)



With that being said; we highly recommend that you test out SumoMe for yourself and see what you think. If it works for your business then use it!

We hope you enjoyed this review. If you did; remember to leave a comment telling us what you think. (Also, suggest any other plugins you’d like us to review in the future) Try SumoMe Here