Ever wanted to convert PDF to Kindle? 

Kindle publishing has been an ever growing option for more and more publishers. But for more than most – we’re faced with the daunting task of writing, editing , revising, formatting and finally; publishing a book. While these steps do play their own respectively crucial roles in this process – we’re here today to discuss something that can help ease the transition from written book to Kindle published book. By converting PDF files to Kindle books; PDF to Kindle in the simplest – easiest to follow way. (alternatively; if you don’t want to read this extensive post – you can always get our PDF to Kindle Conversion book available on Amazon)

But first; let’s discuss why this method may work for you.

Formatting isn’t always as simple as some authors make it look. There’s little tweaks here and there that are downright atrocious when you actually look at them in Kindle form. But PDF to Kindle seems to add a little bit more of a ‘cushion’ so to speak. When you start the process with the idea in mind that you’re going to be converting your PDF files into Kindle books – you’ll notice you almost write it ‘better’ – to simplify it.

PDF to Kindle


So in this quick post I’d like to briefly detail how you can easily convert PDF to Kindle. 


Some Things You’ll Need:

  • A Book (PDF file)
  • Internet (Obviously)
  • A Few Minutes of Free Time


Step 1. Having a PDF File

This is pretty obvious when you consider the objective of this post. You need to have a book (in PDF format) that you’ll be using to (eventually) publish to Kindle.


Step 2. Free PDF to Kindle Converter

There are multiple free tools out there that will help you easily convert a file from PDF format to a supported Kindle Direct Publishing format. These formats vary – there accept quite a few (as compared to a few years ago when you couldn’t use more than 3 or 4 different file formats). It’s growing quite common to find these ‘services’ that claim to take your dusty old PDF file and automagically convert it to a Kindle supported file.


PDF to Kindle


And while this does work; using sites like Ebook Online Convert – or  read this article on PC World about this neat email trick when sending your PDF files directly to Kindle via email. (but you’ll quickly see why that might not be a great option)

Another great tool is Convert PDF to EPUB (formerly known as PDF4Kindle) – while they do have a 50mb limit; this is a great platform to use when you’re in a bind. (However; we’d highly recommend you trying this one)

Step 2. (b) Paid PDF to Kindle Converter

Not as enticing as the free methods we mentioned before – but effective nonetheless. In fact; most of these tools (while they are useful) are simply overpriced and don’t really provide any value at all. Some of these include ‘overpolished ‘word converters’ that do what you could simply do before you even get to this process…


PDF to Kindle


I’d highly suggest against any type of ‘paid tool’ to give you the results you’re looking for. Instead – I’d suggest getting better educated on what makes this process special. We have a great book (ironically) over on Kindle that does just that. You can check it out here

The Truth Is…

Let’s face it – this process isn’t as hard as many try to make it seem. It’s more so about the information that you know before hand – not waiting until you have you book saved as a PDF file only and having nowhere else to turn. The trick is to get ‘in the know’ before you get to that point. That’s why we wanted to share this article (and our bestselling book) that explains this entire process (and then some) – you can get it here