We all know that creating our courses is a HUGELY important variable to our success here on Teachable – but it doesn’t stop there…

It’s very imperative that we optimize our sales page (in addition to our created courses).

But how do we do this? 

It’s actually not as hard as you think. And over the last 6-7 Months BrandBlast has spent here on Teachable (where we host our University) we’ve learned quite a bit about how to optimize our courses. (Specifically our course sales pages…)

Because we’ve successfully published (and are selling) over 50+ Courses here; we feel as though we have a bit of information that other Teachable Teachers can utilize to grow their schools and (even) their revenue.

We also have an awesome FREE Landing Page Checklist you can download (absolutely free) right now to better optimize your sales pages!




1. Graphics

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? Wrong.

Though it’s something we’re taught not to do since childhood – we still judge the look of things in association to the quality of said thing.

Your course / school is no different. And in fact; over 73.9% of our enrolled students (when asked via Email Survey) said they associated the value of our University to the look and production of the:

  • Sales Page Formatting
  • Graphics on Sales Page
  • Call to Action Format
  • If It Had a Sales Video (which we’ll talk about in just a moment)
Meaning; it’s very important to pay attention to the look and feel of your sales page’s graphics. Because we do judge books by their covers – so make your cover pop! (and don’t forget about the banner image and overlay settings)

Here are a Few Examples of Great Course Graphics (otherwise known as a thumbnail):






[We won’t cover creating effective titles – you should already have that accomplished by this point]




2. Sales Page Copy (Text)

Now we know that readers need to be hooked into wanting something – you have to make it ‘worth their while’.

And you can achieve this by effectively wording your sales page’s copy.

Inserting a healthy dose of keywords – brightly colored words – even outbound links to bring them to more (free) content.

(we won’t cover it in depth here; but there is an unspoken bond between readers associating your brand with value. You can achieve this by giving them FREE content FIRST. Then ‘Right Hooking Them’ with a Paid offer later)

A general rule of thumb is; the more effectively worded (and pretty looking) your sales page is – regardless of the actual value of the product – the product typically sells.

That’s not to say you should try to sell garbage with a bow on it – more so to pay just as much attention to the look and feel of your sales page AS YOU DID creating the actual course.



Here’s a few great examples of effective sales copy:


(Taken from our University Sales Page)



(Another great example by ClickMinded)



(And lastly, Super Easy Apps)



3. Call To Actions

Don’t just settle with the ‘Enroll in Course’ button text that comes standard with Teachable – you will definitely need to spice things up a bit.

By this; we mean different ‘Action’ Texts. Such as some of these great examples:

  • Learn More
  • Instant Access
  • Claim Your Discount
  • Start Your Trial
  • Enroll Today
  • Access Now
  • Unlock Now
  • Join Today
  • Join Now
  • Join Today for $(insert price)
  • etc..

You can also implement the use of Text Symbols within your buttons.

It’s very simple to do.

Get Thousand of (FREE) Text Symbols here


We’ve used many of these text symbols inside our Call to Action Buttons – and from the start of us using them – our enrollments have increased substantially.
From around 12%-15% SIMPLY FROM USING SYMBOLS.

Here are some examples:



4. Creativity

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try, Test, Fail, Fix, Repeat.
Include some additional images, texts and symbols within your sales page. This will enhance the visual elements of your page and create a more dynamic viewing experience for you visitors.
Create a few different sales pages for a course – see which one performs best. We created 27 different sales page variations for our University Access Sales Page and finally landed on one that worked best for our audience.
 You may not need that many – but the more you experiment and get to know your audience, the better. It will ultimately help you grow your school.

Hope these 4 Simple Tips help you increase your Teachable Course Sales & Grow your school! 


They’ve helped us effectively scale our Teachable School and grow in students, revenue and value. Allowing us to stretch our capabilities and ultimately grow BrandBlast University into something we never thought it could be.

We hope it does the same for you!

If you enjoyed these tips feel free to share them or check out more of us here