Why Do We Need Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnets are vital to  the process of attracting customers, visitors & readers, because without them you won’t have any business.

It is the process of attracting potential customers to generate valuable profit to the business. It’s not we are not talking about business Lead Magnet can be used with online services like blog or websites.

Online services have to use Lead Magnet to increase their traffic. Without having you won’t have the value of your blog as well as its waste of money and time. Lead Magnet can also help you to increase your daily visitors and you can gain benefit from them.

Let’s get into the process of creating them.


How to Create High Converting Lead Magnets

Every online as well business services have to manage lead magnets, without having them it’s impossible to get a return. The exact goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the return after maximizing the targeted peoples that you are getting attracted to your offer. Lead Generation is one of the essential things for every online business services.

Let’s take an example If you are running online digital marketing services for that you have to tell your friends, peoples and whole over the world about the business that you have started digital marketing service.

After sharing with them you have to generate and create high Lead Magnets to your services to earn huge and gain success. To sell your service you have to promote your services and the first step is to get people into your business.

Most of the time lead generation will be frustrating because it takes the time to convince your readers as well as customers.

You have to gain the trust of your customer as well as readers, visitors. You have to satisfy them with your better work and creating amazing product or content which may impress them to share their info with you for long term services.

Let’s take an another example of online tech new providing services. The company hired lots writers to write comprehensive articles on each and every trending topic but are not focusing on lead magnet or lead generation. Then there will be a low success for them, they are providing consistently new service but they are not focusing on their readers and attracting them for long term service.

Not focusing on lead generation or lead magnet will cause 60% directed loss on your service. But gathering loyal readers will help you to make a good reputation as well as good ROI (return on investment).

You have to flock high-value lead magnets for your own profit. To collect high-value lead magnets there are lots of methods and one of the most popular methods is a giveaway to grow your email list or loyal subscribers. Loyal subscribers are the peoples those who will visit your blog or website for long term basis.


Understanding the Lead Magnet

Let’s do little bit of calculation,

Assume that you are getting 20, 000 visits per month and assume 20,000 visits as 100% visitors. Inside the category of total visits, there are lots of sub-categories.

  1. Unique visitor 7000.
  2. New visitors 10000.
  3. Loyal (returning) visitors 3000.

You can see here number 3rd has loyal visitors those are known as the exact lead magnet. Every time you share new product or article on your blog. They will definitely visit your blog or website.

According to above data, 50% of visitors never come back again to visit your blog or website for your product. 35% visitors are the unique visitors that you have to convert them into loyal or returning visitors to generate lead magnet.

After all, you can see there 15% visitors are only sharing their information with you and they are returning visitors. They are coming again and again because they have trusted you and your product and services.

You can see above picture that is showing the lead magnet of the website and you can compare with the new visitors. Returning visitors are 5 times lower than the new visitors.

Lead Magnet Types

In simple terms, Lead generation is not tough for those who love to do hard work. Those who don’t prefer hard work they may get frustrated with Lead generation process.

These are the lead magnet tactics to increase your sale as well as your traffic. You just need to focus on all of the below points without focusing on them you can’t even survive.

  1. Share Guides
  2. Income Reports
  3. Toolkit & resources
  4. Training service
  5. Giveaway
  6. Discount Service & Coupons
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Publishing E-Books
  9. Writing Killer Content
  10. Answering Questions

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#1 Sharing Guides

People’s first concern is to get the complete guide about their problem. If you are solving your visitors or your reader’s problem through your blog or website, they will directly subscribe your and they will come to visit again and again for their problems solution.

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In this point you have to become very clever and creative without creativity you can’t solve problems and you don’t even get to know about the problems.



#2 Income Reports

This Is the one of the best ways to motivate peoples through income reports. Normally income report helps us to get stick with their income value and we imagine that we can also earn that much amount of money and they will directly become your loyal visitors because. You are trusting them and they will also trust you by sharing their information like name and emails.



#3 Tool Kits and Resources

The another best way to get huge attraction is by providing the resource to visitors free or premium. If you are providing SEO service, then you have to share best SEO tools with your readers to optimize their site.

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If you providing content writing service, then you have to provide best grammar checking software with them.



#4 Training Service

It’s one of the amazing services that will help you to generate huge lead magnet. There are few peoples those who are perfect in their field. There are lots of newbies they are trying to learn something new each and every day. If you are providing training service, then they will become your loyal and better customer.

If you are providing money-making training service, then they will come again and again to visit the new episode or your services.



#5 Giveaway

Giveaway is the contest and it is the process of giving something valuable product freely to your loyal customers or new customers.

This is the latest and one of the most popular way to generate more Lead Magnet to your business as well as weblogs. You can ask your visitors to do certain actions for winning that giveaway.



#6 Discount and Coupon Service

If you are affiliate marketer, then you may know this term better way but If you do not then don’t worry we will explain it more here.

So giving discount and coupon services can help you to generate potential leads for your business. Because all people or customer doesn’t want to pay the full amount of that product or service.

So it’s better to provide a discount for particular product. Like if you are selling the domain or hosting service then you have to provide better discount than other to sell your product and attract your customer.



#7 Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most popular and generally everyone following this method to generate potential, valuable, reliable leads to their business.

There lots of email marketing tools available out there and using them is very simple and integrating also very simple. Most of the email marketing services are freely available for the blog and websites. So it’s better to use Email Marketing service to generate more leads.

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#8 Publishing E-Books & Sharing Presentations

If you are a business holder or content writer, then you can just write a complete e-book to solve people’s problems.

Providing e-books can help you to generate some revenue as well as you can ask your buyers to subscribe them for next update.

Nowadays peoples are very smart with technology and don’t want to do each and eve work because they have technology to perform their work. Here we are talking about Sharing presentations 85% people feel better and comfortable to use others presentations and only 15% of people think that they have to make their own presentation.

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So now here you have to focus on 85% of people and share your valuable presentation with some return. That may be their long term membership or subscription ship. So do focus on the presentation sharing it is also one of the best methods to generate huge leads magnet.




#9 Writing Killer Content

Now if you are a blogger you may know more than me about writing killer content. There is saying content is King of the blogging world.

Without having good content, you wouldn’t have any perfect blog and you will not even get a good number of loyal visitors.

If you are not sharing valuable, informative, impressive and interesting content with your readers and visitor then they will not subscribe you. It will decrease your lead magnets.

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To increase lead magnets, you just have to focus on content and along with content, you also have to optimize your content for search engines. There is another saying write content for peoples rather than search engines.



#10 Answering Question

We are using the internet for solving the problem and get the better solution. If you are answering the question, then who will not subscribe you. You just have to maintain your reliability and accuracy while answering.

Without having 100% accurate content no one will follow you for further updates. So the main focus must be on accuracy as well as reliability in return you can ask for a subscription.




So all these above points are some of the more popular ways to convert high lead magnets. Just keep focusing on them and you will generate more leads as well as more benefits.  Still Not Sure? Learn How to Create Your First Lead Magnet Here




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