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How Much Money Should You Charge For A YouTube Sponsorship?

Today’s Question comes from ‘Alohoya’ on Twitter:football77

Alohoya Asks: “How much should I charge for a YouTube sponsorship?I’m brand new to it and have no idea where to start – #AskBrandBlast”

Most companies payout 5 cent – 15 cent per click – But it strongly depends on:

  • What type of traffic you have or attract
  • What type of video content you have or will produce in the future
  • If your content is family friendly and product related 


So for example:

If your channel has has around 4000 to 10000 views per video you can take an average from 8000 views “To Be Fair” and negotiated around these prices!

5Cent x 8000 views = 40,000Cent = $400 Per Video – (Downgrade to $350)

10Cent x 8000 views = 80,000Cent = $800 Per Video – (Downgrade to $750)

15Cent x 8000 views = 120,000Cent = $1200 Per Video – (Downgrade to $1150)

In order to have a good starting base with your sponsor, you can also negotiated to downgrade your prices to see if this new partnership works out, but therefor sign a three months contract!


Learn More About YouTube Sponsorships in the Video Below


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