Creating customers is the main goal of any business because they are the one who makes the business itself. Sometimes, providing time, money and effort in improving your products and services is important, but what counts a lot are the customers. They determine your success whether you are just a small business owner. Therefore, many companies are providing excellent customer service to ensure their continued patronage. But there has been a ‘shift’ of sorts in the means of Social Media Marketing. (And what it can do for your business!)

Keeping the old ones is very vital because they spend more of their money buying your products. Because they are more likely to refer you to their family, fellow employees and friends. The loyalty of the customers to the company is developed. But as a company expands and grow into larger one, new customers are coming in.

New customers are another challenge for entrepreneurs. Some are just window shoppers who are just looking around and trying to figure what is new with your product. Some are doubters who tend to look that they want to buy but having second thoughts. The goal of the company now is to lure them into the fold and make them their patrons.

There are so many tested tips to attract more buyers. Many corporations had adopted the procedures and were successful. But as time changes, innovative methods in attracting more clients are now being used. Here are some of those:


* To increase the potential of gaining more clients, join social networks. To publicize your product, think of signing up in any social network sites. This is where people go to connect to one another. Promoting your product in these sites would probably generate more sales since people are here to chat and talk about what is in.
* Follow up letters and e-mails would help. Usually, customers would ask inquiries about your product; take time in answering those questions by replying to them. Give them all the details of your product. Your response would be a clear sign that you are interested making a deal with them.


* Offer your viewers some freebies. Consumers don’t purchase the product unless they have tried it themselves. By putting the product in client’s hands, this gives them a first-hand experience and sees the results for themselves. You may be giving a lot of free samples, but in return, you would have more sales more than you have spent.
* Try direct response marketing. This one works like as if you are just getting to know a certain person. You call your clients and befriend them. Your new acquaintances would earn you new customers. Then slowly introduce your product to them provide them an irresistible offer plus a gift to make them buy your product


* Do direct selling. The salesperson comes in direct contact with the client. These include demonstrations, free delivery, and satisfaction guarantees. The client doesn’t need to go out anymore in order to get something, therefore minimizing the hassle in purchasing.The traditional way of customers going to the mall to buy is slowly fading away. The trend today is bringing the product to customers right in to their doorsteps. The Internet has also revolutionized the system by simply directing their needs in just press of their keypad.
That is why an entrepreneur, in order for him to gain more profits, should switch now to modern methods of attracting more clients into his company.


 Why Social Media Marketing?

In today’s market, people’s spending is limited, budgets are tight but technology is faster than most people can keep up with. Even with little to spare, people still want the newest gadget, the newest technology and all the apps, accessories and connectivity that go with it. It becomes obvious who is behind the times, both in your circles and in the businesses you patronize (or used to). Because the economic times are rough, people want their spending to matter, to get them the newest and best for the lowest price.


The price doesn’t even always have to be the lowest if the technology is clearly cutting edge. Consumers want it to be obvious that what they are getting is the most modern and hip or at least the most efficient and effective. Part of a successful marketing plan must make it plain to consumers that the product or service a business is offering is either the best or a classic that will always stand the test of time.

One of the best ways for a business to show that their products are current or classic is through a full scale social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing allows the business to post in real time and stay in the consumer consciousness. The fact that the consumer already follows or “likes” the business means they are interested in what they are selling and will be looking for their next big move, product or price-wise. Marketing with social media lets a business or organization keep their customers apprised of their progress, what they are working on and that it will be worth the wait. They can share proposed products or aspects of products and get feedback during the process.


Businesses can even let their friends or followers into testing groups so they are actually participating in product development. Social media marketing allows the customers to know the value of the wait for the perfect new release because they have already helped design and formulate the actual product.



The business can even use social media to give away the finished product to random fans or contest winning followers, so that the flow of information to their targeted audience is real and objective, because it is being shared by a social media peer. Some successful businesses even allow customer input on social media to help name their new products. Social media marketing allows a business to prove themselves as innovative as well as interested in including their consumer base in their development of high quality products and services.

To the new and experienced entrepreneurs, getting help with your small business is very crucial to your success. Getting the right help will cause you to avoid costly mistakes, and it can also help you to save a lot of time, money and energy. You will need to get the right help to form the legal structure of the business, financial, management, procurement/certification, marketing, pricing products, preparing a business plan, and more.


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